Breedlove files restraining order against reporter

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PORTLAND, Ore. - Former legislative intern Beau Breedlove has filed a restraining order against Oregonian reporter Brent Walth.

Walth has been covering the scandal over the relationship Breedlove was in with Portland Mayor Sam Adams. Adams has admitted he lied about the relationship in the run-up to his election and is the focus of a recall effort.

Adams had a sexual relationship with Breedlove that began just after the intern turned 18 years old. Adams is the first openly gay mayor of a large American city.
The Oregonian reports Walth interviewed Breedlove about his relationship with Adams back in January. Breedlove has since exchanged text messages with him during developments that followed.
Breedlove claims the contacts were threatening.

Sandy Rowe, editor of the Oregonian, disagrees, saying “Mr. Breedlove gave us an on-the-record interview voluntarily. He asked for nothing in exchange for the interview, and the newspaper made him no promises about what it would or would not publish.”

The Oregon Attorney General is still conducting an investigation into the relationship between Breedlove and Adams.

Breedlove claims that reporter Brent Walth’s actions affect both public opinion and the investigation.