Cannabis Cafe opens in Portland

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PORTLAND, Ore. - A local cafe is the first of its kind in Oregon, and one of only a handful in the country. That's because it is the first restaurant in the state where marijuana legally can be consumed.

The sign on the building says Rumpspankers but the name will be changing to The Cannabis Cafe.  The place will only be open to medical marijuana card holders. Draperies are on all of the windows to keep in line with Oregon law, which requires that medical marijuana be consumed in private.

The place is already controversial in the neighborhood because it is the site of a sex club but the managers insist they have put a halt to that. They said a daycare that used to be there is gone as well.

The Oregon chapter of NORML is running the marijuana side of the cafe. They will be coordinating security and the check-in process.  And they say no marijuana will be left on site, which might become a target for thieves.