Seaplane crashes on Willamette, killing two

Seaplane crashes on Willamette, killing two »Play Video

OREGON CITY, Ore. - A seaplane that apparently broke up in midair crashed near Oregon City Saturday, killing two men inside, fire officials said.

Authorities identified the pair killed as 80-year-old David Howard Wiley of Lake Oswego and 52-year-old Scott Alan Forsberg of Gilbert, Ariz.

Witnesses said they saw the two-passenger, single-engine floatplane take off from the Willamette River toward Willamette Falls and climb about 75 feet before it wobbled in the air and began a steep turn to the left, said Storm Smith, a Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue spokesman. (A picture of a similar plane is found on Wiley's Web site. It is pictured above.)

The plane's left wing then appeared to break, sending the aircraft into a cartwheel before it crashed nose down near the river's bank shortly before noon, Smith said.

Emergency crews found the plane on its top, partially submerged and with the tail resting on trees against the bank on the West Linn side of the river. Paramedics confirmed that both men on board were deceased.

Authorities identified the plane as a 1941 Taylorcraft floatplane with a tail number of N13060. An FAA Web site lists Wiley as the owner of the plane. Wiley, who was named the "Seaplane Pilot of the Year" in 1999, is pictured below.

You can read a detailed interview with Wiley by clicking here.

The other man, Forsberg, was a commercial airline pilot, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

Officials with the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board were heading to the scene and were expected to lead the investigation into what caused the crash, Smith said.