High school paddling: 'It works' teachers say

High school paddling: 'It works' teachers say »Play Video

TEMPLE, Texas – A new rule in Texas high schools has sparked an age-old debate.

The school district in Temple, Texas, now allows paddling. And school employees are saying it works.

Parents now can authorize their child's school principal to paddle or spank the high schoolers as a discipline technique. However, critics say paddling could result in dangerous behavior.     

"It's your parents' job to do that," student Kevin Williams told ABC's Houston affiliate, KTRK. "But as far as my parents signing up for it, my mom probably would give permission; she feels if I need to be disciplined, I need to be disciplined."

As for Texas high-school student James Francis, he thinks "students can ... take whoopings and stuff like that. So, detention is [used] more because it's taken out of their time."

By the way, many parents pushed for the change. They reportedly said they wanted their kids to know there are consequences for their behavior.

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