Ore. man selling ad space on his urn

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Given just months to live, Aaron Jamison has set his mind on two missions.

The first is to spread a message of hope. Jamison, who has terminal cancer, hands out purple bracelets that read "Cancer Sucks ... Life is Good ... Choose Joy" to people he meets.

The other mission is harder. Jamison wants to pay for his cremation and urn costs before he dies so his wife Kristin won't have to worry about it.    

His plan is to sell advertising space on two urns that will hold his ashes – one for his wife and one for his parents.

"I'm on different chemo now," said Jamison, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of colon cancer. It has spread to his liver and lymph nodes. "If it works, I've got about nine months. If it doesn't work, I've got three. So I'm trying to get on the ball with the ad sales."

The plan and his sense of humor are typical Aaron, said his wife and friends.

When others might cry, the musician and comedian has found a way to laugh.

"He does quirky little things and this is kind of him," said his wife, Kristin Jamison. At first, she objected to the plan. Now, however, she supports it. 

"I asked her to marry me after 30 days," Aaron said. "Ads on urns are no big deal after that."

Jamison said he is collecting disability, but it does not cover his monthly medical bills. He has a small life insurance policy, but said it's not much to leave to his wife.

"He had so much concern for his wife and how she was going to be able to handle this," said Dustin Remington, Jamison's longtime friend and owner of a small Oregon restaurant chain called Terese's Place. "It was just an opportunity I was happy to be a part of."

Remington handed over a $100 check and signed a contract Monday.

Greg Byerly, who owns Springfield-based Cry Baby Ink, also plans to buy ad space.

Jamison said he plans to hand-paint the ads on the two urns. He hopes to raise $800 all together, to pay for the cremation and the urns.

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