Pregnant woman fights for life after hit by suspected drunk

Pregnant woman fights for life after hit by suspected drunk »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - A woman, five and a half months pregnant, was in critical condition Wednesday after her car was demolished by a suspected drunken driver in Southeast Portland last Thursday.

Cayla Wilson, 19, is in the intensive care unit at OHSU and her parents are praying that she and her unborn baby survive.

Bill and Denise Wilson said their daughter went to Oregon City for a job interview to help the family pay bills.

On her way home from the interview her white sedan was hit by another vehicle that police said was driven by 52-year-old Jack Whiteacker. Police alleged that Whiteacker, who was already wanted for heroin possession in Clackamas County, was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Police also said he had a suspended license and should never have been behind the wheel.

Whiteacker has a long drug history and is in jail in lieu of more than a quarter of a million dollars bail.

 “It’s not right,” said Cayla’s father Bill. “By all means nothing is right here. It wasn’t supposed to happen. (He) basically did something, breaking the law by doing the things he should not have done.”

Cayla’s parents said their daughter has always been a funny, outgoing and ambitious young woman.

“There’s actually no words to describe this feeling, and the pain is just incredible,” said Cayla’s mother Denise. “All I can do is pray that the Lord won’t take her from us.”

Instead of anger the Wilsons said they hope the system and their faith will make sure Whiteacker faces the consequences.

“I just know it’s a long road and all our prayers - it’s the only thing that’s healing my daughter. That’s keeping her alive,” said Bill.

Cayla’s family has set up a fund for her care and donations can be made at any US Bank branch.