Farmers flee flooding in Eastern Oregon

Farmers flee flooding in Eastern Oregon
Sherril Corning wades through a flooded area of Baker County in eastern Oregon. Photo by S. John Collins/Baker City Herald

RICHLAND, Ore. (AP) — Flooding in Eastern Oregon covered roads and caused some farmers to move their livestock to higher ground, but police say no houses were destroyed.

Baker County Sheriff Mitchell Southwick says the flooding on Wednesday and Thursday washed over a few county roads, but says he has no reports of roads blocked or families displaced.

Richland resident Renece Forsea says she heard boulders and logs tumbling into nearby Eagle Creek after heavy rain and melting snow from the Wallowa Mountains pushed the creek above its banks.

Resident Mib Dailey says Baker County Road Department workers drove backhoes to help divert the water about at 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

Dailey says the flooding could be averted if the creek channel were cleared in the summer.

Mib Dailey, in tractor, said the water reached midway on the truck doors at the highest stage of flooding. Dailey and his son, Shondo, got the ranch truck to high ground as water continued to recede Thursday. Jacque Dailey said the water began to rise sometime after 10 p.m. The dogs started barking at 12:25 a.m., she said. The Daileys spent long hours getting their dogs, cats, floating ATVs and other equipment to any place safe. The flood water rose to about an inch short of their trailer door, Jacque said.(Baker City Herald/S.John Collins)



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