Predatory sex offender cuts off monitoring bracelet, vanishes

Predatory sex offender cuts off monitoring bracelet, vanishes »Play Video
William Althouse

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Marion County authorities are searching for a sex offender who failed to report to his parole officer and cut off his GPS ankle bracelet.

Sheriff's deputies say 64-year-old William Althouse has a history of exposing himself and sexually abusing children.

He served more than 12 years in prison for past sex abuse, burglary and sodomy convictions.

Deputies say Althouse is known to frequent wooded parks and loiter near the Salem riverfront.

Law enforcement officials point out that GPS monitoring systems are not a guarantee offenders won’t strike again but since Althouse has been wearing a monitoring bracelet for four years, officials are concerned as to why he would cut it off now.

Deputy Wayne Francis once monitored Althouse’s every move. A blue dot on his computer screen would track the sex offender’s location every 30 seconds.

“I can tell date, time, speed and location with it,” he said.

Authorities also knew immediately that the bracelet had been cut.

Deputy Seth Prouser, Althouse’s parole officer, said he’s fearful Althouse will attack again.

“The fact he made the decision to do this is concerning as well as somewhat baffling,” he said.

Althouse has a history of sexually abusing children of all ages – ones he knows and those he doesn’t know and of both sexes.

“Essentially, he could offend anybody he has access to,” said Prouser.

He said Althouse is articulate, manipulative and can be charming. He said Althouse methodically plans his attacks and can fit in anywhere.

“Except for the scraggly beard, perhaps, he could blend in to the community pretty easily,” Prouser said.

Officials said Althouse could be anywhere: In Salem, in Oregon, or out of the state.

If you see him you are asked to call 9-1-1 immediately.