'A lot of people that needed their medicine today couldn't get it'

'A lot of people that needed their medicine today couldn't get it' »Play Video
Patrick Bowman, owner of Tualatin Pharmacy, passes empty shelves after a burglary that wiped out $40,000 worth of supplies and medication.

TUALATIN, Ore. – Six stores were broken into overnight at Martinazzi Square in what looks like a well-planned burglary.

The business that got hit the hardest was the Tualatin Pharmacy and many customers were left without their medications Tuesday. The thieves got in the pharmacy by starting six stores down at an empty office space.

Whoever it was got into through a door there then zigzagged from business to business by climbing through the ceilings and breaking down drywall. They made their way through a financial planner business, a fitness place, a fish and reptile store and then finally into the pharmacy.

Pharmacist Patrick Bowman says his shelves were overflowing with prescriptions. He lost about $40,000 worth of supplies and medication in the burglary.

But even if the drugs are recovered, they're useless.

"I can't take 'em back, because they've been outside my scope of control," Bowman said. "And I only use drugs that are, where I can detail the transportation and everything is signed for and accounted for."

Bowman's family owns another local pharmacy, and they'll fill some prescriptions that way. He did get some shipments in Tuesday.

"There're a lot of people that needed their medicine today that couldn't get it," he said. "Why would anybody take insulin? Why would anybody steal somebody else's insulin? It just makes no sense."

But this isn't his only worry. While Bowman says he's put his heart and soul into making his business work for the past two years and things had been getting better, he just got a foreclosure notice on his home Monday.

The only other business that had anything stolen was Upscales Fish and Reptile, which lost $40 out of the cash register.

Business owners say the phone lines and alarm systems had been cut. Even the double system the pharmacy had was disabled.

"They definitely were on a mission and knew what they were doing and just went right onto the next business to get to the pharmacy," said Jason Ronnow, the owner of Fitness Together.

While nothing was stolen from Ronnow's business, he does have six holes to fix.

And there isn't any surveillance video.

Right now, police don't have any suspects.

Earlier this month, thieves burglarized several businesses in Southwest Portland also by cutting through the walls.

It happened at the Capitol Corner strip mall on Barbur Boulevard.

So far police haven't made any arrests in this case. Portland police are checking with Tualatin police to see if the two cases are connected.