Portlanders - can you help this woman who has done so much for us?

Portlanders - can you help this woman who has done so much for us? »Play Video
Mariah Taylor. KATU photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A local woman lost a coin purse during Friday's tree lighting ceremony at Pioneer Courthouse Square and it's something she desperately wants back.

Of course, we normally don't do a news report if someone loses a purse but it's not every day that we get the chance to help someone who has helped so many others in her life.

Mariah Taylor founded a healthcare clinic in 1980 and has given free medicine, books, food and health services to thousands of needy Portland kids for the past three decades. She was even presented an award by Oprah for her work.

And now the nurse who has given so much to her community is asking for just one thing in return - the small coin purse that either fell out of her pocket or was stolen. There wasn't much inside - some money, family photos and debit cards, but Taylor would like the purse back.

"I hope someone will show mercy and they will be the angel and return the coin purse," Taylor said. "Because it means a lot to me."

If you have any information, contact the Portland Police Bureau. Here's a look at what the coin purse looks like (the one that was lost looks just like this one, another one that Taylor has):

KATU photo.

We learned about Mariah Taylor's story through a news tip. If you have a story for the KATU News team, send an e-mail to newstips@katu.com.