Couple creates running vest with music, safety in mind

Couple creates running vest with music, safety in mind »Play Video
Rob Stout and his wife Shellie invented the Road Noise vest. (KATU Photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Shelley and Rob Stout get to rock out on their run through the park without using headphones.

The Lake Oswego couple invented the Road Noise vest, which plays tracks from your music player without the safety risk of ear buds.

“It’s not like a big boom box comin’ down the road, nobody’s gonna hear it at the intersection,” said Rob Stout.

So where does the music come from?

Two speakers on the shoulders connect to your music player, which you store in a pouch in the front of the vest.

“It slides right into the pocket, cord’s contained inside,” Stout said. “There’s nothing pulling out of my ears, there’s no cords and I can hear cars coming you know, behind me, you can hear bicycles.”

The idea was born from a need during the 2010 Hood to Coast relay. Shellie Stout wanted to listen to music during the race, but runners are not allowed to wear ear buds.

“I sewed this little pouch, put it in there and pinned it to my jog bra under my shirt and then the cord went down and hooked to my clip with my iPod on it,” Shellie said.

Rob said he thought about the idea after the race and decided he didn’t want to let it go.

“We really felt it had the potential and then once we got a prototype that fit and worked I went and took it for a five mile run and I was like ‘wow, this is really nice.’”

During this year’s Hood to Coast, Rob and Shellie said they saw dozens of runners wearing their invention.

“It’s one of those things you look back and you wonder how you did it.”