Crews contain wildfire near SR 14 in Washougal

Crews contain wildfire near SR 14 in Washougal
A photograph snapped by a KATU News viewer of the fire in Washougal, Wash. Friday night.

WASHOUGAL, Wash. – Fire crews battled a wind-whipped 50-acre fire near SR 14 Friday night.

They say the fire was started by a tossed cigarette butt possibly from a car. The fire was reported just before 5 p.m.

Camas Fire Department spokesman Nick Swinhart said the fire burned about 100 acres. Crews had it under control at around midnight Saturday.

No one was hurt and no buildings were damaged.

Firefighters protected nearby businesses in the Washougal Industrial Park and treatment plant. Some of those businesses were evacuated as a precaution, according to the Washougal fire chief.

The fire did come very close to the treatment plant. Crews had to really take a stand to save the building because if it burned the city sewage system would have been shut down.

It was tough for crews to get out to the fire because it's in a wildlife refuge area between Highway 14 and the Columbia River. There are no fire hydrants out there and only two roads, making it hard for fire trucks to get close enough to be effective.

Even though the weather has been dry, it is a wetland area and the ground is still marshy. Two fire trucks got stuck and had to be pulled out.