Customers evacuated from grocery store in St. Helens

ST. HELENS, Ore. – Thirty people were evacuated from a Safeway store and one man was taken to a hospital on Wednesday afternoon after people in the building complained about feeling light-headed or having difficulty breathing.

A witness said large numbers of people inside the store started coughing, which led to the evacuation.

A hazmat team could not find the cause after checking refrigeration units and other areas in the store, said Columbia River Fire and Rescue Chief Jay Tappan, adding that the store will be checked to see if there was some sort of emission from a valve.

Tappan said all the people had been inside the Safeway store on Columbia River Highway when the symptoms set in.

They all were taken out of the building and went to a facility next door. One middle-aged man was taken to the hospital as a precaution. The others were treated on the scene.

Tappen said video inside the store was reviewed and showed everyone getting sick at much the same time.