Brush fire breaks out at Hayden Island

Brush fire breaks out at Hayden Island

PORTLAND, Ore. - High winds helped spread a brush fire on Hayden Island on Friday afternoon.

Portland Fire and Rescue reported that no structures were damaged, although the fire was close to power lines.

Firefighters first got the call around 1:20 p.m. At that time, the fire was burning on just one acre. 

"Ten minutes later, two acres. By the time we got it to stop it was up to four acres," said Portland Fire and Rescue spokesman Damon Simmons.

The fire was fanned by strong winds.

"You can feel it right now, it's gusting, and that just creates dangerous fire conditions for our firefighters," said Simmons. "You don't know which way the wind is going to be coming from necessarily and that makes you not know where the fire is going to be going or coming from."

Smoke from the fire drifted throughout the area in the afternoon.

Firefighters had the fire under control by 2:50, although they were still on the scene through the afternoon trying to find any hot spots.

Investigators have not said how the fire started. There are some large power lines in the area that were burned.

Bot the power lines or a train on nearby tracks could have sparked the fire, firefighters said.

KATU reporter Erica Nochlin contributed to this report