Hospital staff rallies to hold wedding for woman with brain tumor

Hospital staff rallies to hold wedding for woman with brain tumor »Play Video
Jamie Amos and her husband Jon Tafoya.

PORTLAND, Ore. – The outdoor wedding on Tuesday had all the normal trappings, including a lovely dress, lots of flowers, a blushing bride, a nervous groom, adorable flower girls and ring-bearers, and happy guests to witness the nuptials.

There was no hint that whole affair came together in just two days - most all of it was planned by busy staffers at St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland – in order to get Jamie Amos, 31, married to Jon Tafoya before she went in for major surgery for a brain tumor on Wednesday.

It was just last week that doctors diagnosed Amos with a massive brain tumor and also found lesions on her lungs. She was rolled down the aisle in a wheelchair decorated with flowers and ribbons but beaming just the same.

Amos and Tafoya met when they were 17 in New Mexico. She moved to Oregon a year ago to care for Tafoya while he was having medical problems.

They decided to get married so she would go into surgery with Jon as her husband.

Staffers at the hospital then rallied to pull off the wedding ceremony.

According to the hospital, Amos' surgery "went well" and she was awake and smiling.

Thanks to St. Vincent’s staff for providing the video.