Man pulled from burning Vancouver apartment

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Two units were gutted by fire at the Ardendale Apartments in Vancouver Friday night.

VANCOVUER, Wash. – At least one person was rescued Friday night after a two-alarm fire broke out at an apartment complex.

The fire ripped through two units at the Ardendale Apartments at 620 E. 121st Avenue.

It appears that several tenants rescued an elderly man from his unit. He was taken to the hospital, according to firefighters, but his conditions was unknown late Friday night.

Tenants in neighboring units said smoke began to seep through their walls.

One tenant, Tim Prentice, raced out of his unit when he heard commotion outside and assisted two other people in helping get the man out from a downstairs unit.

Prentice said the man was talking about his dog that was still inside the unit. Prentice tried to rescue the dog.

"The door was partially open and I kicked it a little bit, and the flames went around the corner and then out the door – like probably eight feet – and it was the hottest – I've never felt heat like that before," he said.

It is unknown where the dog is and how it is doing.

Firefighters said they think the fire started in that downstairs unit.

People from 10 units were displaced for the night because firefighters had to cut the power to their units.
The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.