Role-playing couple gets reduced charge, pleads guilty

Role-playing couple gets reduced charge, pleads guilty
Stephanie Morgan Pelzner (left) and Nikolas Alexander Harbar

PORTLAND, Ore. – A couple arrested on Valentine’s Day after a public, naked role-playing incident made a quick guilty plea on Wednesday in exchange for reduced charges and the ability to have those charges eventually dismissed.

Nikolas Harbar, 31, and Stephanie Pelzner, 26, were arrested on disorderly conduct charges on Tuesday after a North Portland grocery store manager spotted Pelzner naked, bound and gagged in the back of a car.

She was concerned and called police, who eventually found the couple, a police spokesman said. The couple explained they were just doing some role-playing, but officers arrested them on disorderly conduct charges.

On Tuesday, a judge reduced those charges to a violation, which is essentially the same as a traffic ticket. Once Harbar and Pelzner complete 16 hours of community service the charges could be dismissed.

The couple did not want to speak to KATU News, but their lawyer said they were very embarrassed by the entire situation.

Lawyer Adam Greenman said he was glad the court decided to reduce his clients’ charges.

"I think these were two young people who have never been in trouble in their lives who were doing something they thought was kind of funny and romantic and maybe a little bit silly," he said. "Now this has blown up into something that's become tremendously embarrassing for them, for their families."

Also on Wednesday, police released the 9-1-1 call from the woman who reported the incident.

An employee at the New Seasons grocery store on N. Interstate Ave. said she was concerned after seeing a woman tied up in the back of a car.

On the 9-1-1 call, she can be heard telling a dispatcher that she spoke with Harbar, who she identified as "the driver."

"I asked if they were just having some fun, if I should call the cops and they were both going 'no we're just having some fun," she told the dispatcher. "But she seemed kind of out of it to me."