Vigil honors Clackamas Town Center shooting victims

Vigil honors Clackamas Town Center shooting victims

CLACKAMAS, Ore. – About 200 people gathered at Clackamas Town Center Friday night to remember the victims of Tuesday's shooting there.

The candlelight vigil was to honor the victims and also to help the community move forward. People who knew the victims, who were there themselves and even people who have no connection to it at all gathered at outside the mall.

They sang songs like "Amazing Grace" and observed a moment of silence. They came to remember 45-year-old Steve Forsyth and 54-year-old Cindy Ann Yuille. Both were killed. They also came to heal and to hope.

Those who were at the vigil expressed the sense of community, the sense of connection, and the wellspring of support they felt that bonded them together and strengthened them.

For many, the gathering showed there is still love and even honesty left in the world.

"We actually had a lady come up to our store today and hand us money and we're like, 'What's going on?' And she said I was in your store when it happened, and I ran out of the store with the merchandise and I want to come back today and pay for it," said Angel Hanson who has worked at the mall for 11 years.

So many people at Clackamas Town Center also spoke about the shooting in Connecticut on Friday. They said coming together on Friday night meant that much more to them in the face of even more tragedy.