Burger chain goes mobile with food cart

Burger chain goes mobile with food cart

PORTLAND, Ore. - Northwest restaurant chain Burgerville is jumping on the mobile food vendor bandwagon with a new wagon of their own.

Thursday morning, Burgerville CEO Jeff Harvey accompanied the newly outfitted “Burgerville Nomad” mobile kitchen when it arrived in the KATU News parking lot.

“We came up with this idea to get us out into communities in a new and different way,” Harvey said. The cart's first day of operation was Thursday.

Harvey said the mobile burger bus, which sports an abbreviated menu (but all the burgers) compared to the restaurant chain’s 39 other non-mobile locations, is not designed to compete with the other approximately 400 local food carts that operate in the Portland area.

He said the Nomad cart will operate near Burgerville locations that are undergoing remodels, at large community events and even at large private events.

The cart is crewed by three cooks and features cold items as well. An on-board generator powers the cooking appliances and refrigerated sections.

The brightly-painted cart features a complete kitchen that replicates well-known Burgerville favorites such as the Black Bean Burger, the Tillamook Cheese Bacon burger, specialty milkshakes and of course, French fries.

Harvey said the inspiration for the cart was due in part to Portland’s thriving food cart culture, which has been reported on by the New York Times and numerous travel publications.

But Harvey said their intent was not to compete with other Portland food carts, some of which do sell burgers.

This summer, the cart will typically be located on Southwest Yamhill Street near Tom McCall Waterfront Park, according to Harvey.

You can find out where the cart is and other news since it, of course, has its own Twitter feed.