A cannabis tour? That's one plan

A cannabis tour? That's one plan

You’ve heard of wine tours, historical tours and underground tours.

But cannabis tours?

That’s right. One entrepreneur, Robert Flatt, is looking to cash in on the new law legalizing marijuana by starting a van tour through the Gorge, hitting hot spots like Beacon Rock.

Flatt foresees the vans stopping at his home and those of his partners for wine, cheese and, yep, a taste of Washington – supplied by local growers.

“I personally don’t smoke marijuana, but I know people, and have had calls from people who said, hey, they woke up feeling emancipated, not criminals anymore,” he said.

The tours start this weekend. Flatt said he’s already booked three tours with small groups of less than six people on each.

The cost is $275 per person, which includes the marijuana – a fair price, he said.

Flatt said it will all be legal and thinks he’ll make a killing of this budding business, thanks to tourists making Washington a hot spot.

“I see an opportunity. End of prohibition -- can you imagine in the ‘20s what it was like?,” Flatt said. “I’m here, I’m here, (and) it’s the 21st century. I’m ready to make money on a law that’s just been passed.”