Financial company's door to door sales tactics questioned

Financial company's door to door sales tactics questioned
Michael O'Loughlin

PORTLAND, Ore. – It was dinner time when the doorbell rang at Michael O’Loughlin’s Tigard, Ore. home.

“I come to the door and the first thing he says is ‘I’m a finance student with Portland State University’ and he was doing a survey and would I mind answering six questions,” O’Loughlin said.

He said the student asked him about his retirement accounts and handed him a flier. It said O’Loughlin was suddenly booked with a representative of Federal Financial Group to review his finances with the promise of a restaurant gift certificate.

“I immediately grabbed the two documents out of his hands and said 'this is bull' and he went scampering away,” O'Loughlin said.

O’Loughlin said he was alarmed when he tried to call the number on the flier.

“You just go round and round, you never get to anybody.”

The receptionist at the downtown Portland address on the flier told KATU News she had never heard of Federal Financial Group.

“If you’re talking to the receptionist, she probably doesn’t [know us],” said Brent Tycksen, VP of Federal Financial Group.

“We don’t have a physical presence in there very often. We use it mainly for meetings and have a place to do data input,” Tycksen added.

Federal Financial Group is based in Utah. Company representatives said the people going door to door are interns who are trying to generate leads for insurance agents in the area. Those agents are independent contractors.

The flier says “special thanks to Portland State University,” but a PSU spokesperson says they have no internships with Federal Financial Group.

“I apologize for that,” said Tycksen. “That should not be on there. We’ve got an over-rambunctious college student there and that should not have been put on.