'Incredibly creative' kids become rain boot entrepreneurs

'Incredibly creative' kids become rain boot entrepreneurs »Play Video
Buckman Elementary students show off their rain boot designs. KATU photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Some local elementary school kids are learning lessons that many grown-ups don't get until they're out of college.

A group of third, fourth and fifth graders from Buckman Elementary are becoming young entrepreneurs - they're designing their own rain boots and plan to sell them.

Arts are a big part of Buckman's curriculum, but this particular project was an after-school class taught by a dad, Arild Dietrichson, who also happens to be a shoe designer.

"I wanted to help provide them a path of understanding of what the design process is," he said. "I think they know it by heart already - incredibly creative."

Dietrichson may have provided the path, but he gives full credit to the kids for everything else.

"The names of the boots that we finalized are picked by the kids - it's Buckman 13 Neon and Buckman 13 Beard," he said.

The kids also came up with their own slogan - 'splash some art.'

"It's a fantastic slogan," Dietrichson said. "I couldn't have done better."

Two final designs that were selected have been posted on Kickstarter. There, you can meet the young designers, see the process behind the design of the boots and if you choose to support them, either make a contribution or buy a pair of boots outright.

Orders for the boots will be taken until June 27. They will be manufactured overseas and shipped to customers by September.