Is Portland ready for a (slap) shot at the NHL?

Is Portland ready for a (slap) shot at the NHL?
If no one minds the Coyotes' net in Phoenix, Portland could step in and grab the team.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The scuttlebutt about Portland's NHL prospects has reignited, at least a little bit.

The Glendale (Ariz.) City Council is scheduled to vote on a Phoenix Coyotes measure Tuesday. The Phoenix Business Journal reports the councilors will decide whether to pay a Boston-based sports investment firm a $25,000 retainer and $400 per hour to help it with the Coyotes ownership saga and the future of Arena.

If approved, Beacon Sports Capital Partners LLC would advise and represent the city as it continues to try to find a new owner for the Coyotes as well as possible future options for the arena.

Here's where it gets a bit "Portland-y:" If a deal can't be reached, the Coyotes could be sold to interests in either Quebec City, Seattle, suburban Toronto, Portland or Las Vegas, according to our BizJournals brethren.

Granted, it's not much of a lead. But some pretty important Portland boosters — businessman Bob Gregg and the Portland Winterhawks' Doug Piper, to name two — have said unabashedly the city would back an NHL team. Provided, of course, that the Trail Blazers want to share their prized Rose Garden space.

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