Lakeview, Ore. solar power facility goes online

LAKEVIEW, Ore. (AP) - Solar power production has taken a big step forward in Oregon with Pacific Power's Black Cap project going online in Lake County.  

At ceremonies Friday, Pacific Power President Pat Reiten said the project will make the region a renewable energy frontier.  

The facility produces enough electricity for about 400 households from its 9,000 photovoltaic panels, which are adjusted automatically through the day to optimize production.  

The 20-acre site outside Lakeview gets 300 days of sunshine a year and produces 2 megawatts of power.  

Pacific Power says the project represents a major step toward meeting the solar energy goals of Oregon's renewable energy portfolio.  

In Oregon, solar power has lagged far behind wind power. Energy Trust of Oregon estimates solar capacity at about 60 megawatts, compared to 3,153 megawatts for wind.

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