Nike's big unveiling: 'Not big news but cool'

Nike's big unveiling: 'Not big news but cool'
Dri-Fit Knit: This new moisture-wicking technology is designed to aid breathability. Nike said it' s also seamless, so it doesn' t hinder athletic performance.

Nike Inc. unveiled four new products Tuesday at its Washington County headquarters.

The products include two running shoes and two apparel technologies, which demonstrate Nike's aggressive push into new product development.

“Innovation is everything at Nike,” CEO Mark Parker said at the start of the event. “We’re obsessed with what the human body can do.”

See a gallery of the new products from the Portland Busienss Journal

Each was designed with runners in mind using a “design ethos” that Nike refers to as “Nature Amplified.” The design strategy emphasizes the use of scientific data to design products that mirror the human body’s natural movement.

Commenting on Twitter, analyst Matt Powell said the shoe technology is “Not big news but cool.”

The event is likely the first of many.

Nike has been patenting new technology for the past several years and is on pace for nearly 400 patents this year, a record for the company.

Curious about what's in the pipeline? Click through these galleries for details and sketches of some of the most innovative product designs.

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