Police: Waitress tacked on tips at Tualatin restaurant

Police: Waitress tacked on tips at Tualatin restaurant »Play Video
Famous Dave's in Tualatin. (KATU image)

TUALATIN, Ore. - Every time you hand over your credit card at a store or restaurant you trust the server or cashier to use it honestly. But "On Your Side Investigator" Dan Tilkin discovered that's not been the case at one popular place in our area.

The waitress, Haley Rogers, at Famous Dave's is accused of ripping off dozens of customers, and Tualatin police wonder if there may be more customers who were ripped off, considering the waitress worked at the restaurant for a couple of years.

Police say approximately 80 customers got ripped off when Rogers rewrote their credit card slips and changed the amount of her tip.

A KATU News viewer who was a customer alerted us about what was going on and wrote that a "group of us (8) went to Famous Dave's, had bad food, bad service, etc. so the tips (3 separate checks) we left where (sic) all around 10%. Our bill was $100.91 and we tipped $10, then when it cleared our bank account the server had changed our tip to $20."

After the customer complained, Famous Dave's went through credit card receipts over a 19-day period from mid-September to early October and then reported the 80 altered receipts to police. That's about four altered receipts per day.

According to court records, Rogers spent six days in jail for another theft case.

Tilkin went to Rogers' apartment to ask her how long it’s been going on. At first, it seemed she was going to speak with him but a moment later she shut the door and never came back.

Tualatin police have only been able to reach nine of the customers whose credit card receipts were changed.

They want people who think they're victims to call them at (503) 691-4800.