Same-sex marriage a boon for business

Same-sex marriage a boon for business »Play Video
Sam MacKenzie, left, with her partner, Kelly Keigwin, plan to wed this Sunday at Torque Coffee Shop in Vancouver.

In light of Washington’s new same-sex marriage law, one local couple plans to wed at a coffee shop in Vancouver this weekend. They had less than a month to plan the nuptials.

As for the cake designer, she has just days.

The bustle is among a rise in local business that has already come with Washington’s landmark law legalizing gay marriage. 

Meghan Scheels, owner of Cakes By Design, a proponent of Referendum 74, donated a wedding cake to Kelly Keigwin and Sam MacKenzie. The cake is in anticipation of the couple's wedding on Sunday at Torque Coffee Shop. Scheels said she’ll also provide a 20-percent discount to other same-sex couples.

So far, the discount seems to be working.

“So exciting – they’re already booking their cake for Monday,” she said. “Three other people wanted to book for Saturday.”

In fact, Cakes By Design has doubled the number of cakes they must prepare before Monday: six cakes in total. It can take up to 10 hours to make each one, Scheels said.

“You know, we’re up for the challenge,” she said. “We’re excited about a challenge.”

Scheels said she also may hire two or three more employees in response to the increased demand she expects next summer.