Sealy to move Portland plant to Lacey, Wash.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Mattress maker Sealy will move its Portland factory to Lacey, Washington, a company spokesperson announced.

The Portland plant employs 128 people. It’s unclear how many employees will relocate with the plant, if any.

According to a news release from Sealy, the costs of operating the Portland plant were greater than the company’s other plants. The decision to relocate was also driven by the desire to be closer to more Sealy customers.

Nearly 60 percent of customers served by the Portland plant live in Wash., the company said.

“This decision was not made lightly by Sealy,” said Carmen Dabiero, Sealy’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources. “However, we believe relocating to Washington State is the best way to serve our Northwest retailers. We will continue to keep employees fully apprised of this transition as decisions and plans are finalized.”

The company announced tentative relocation plans to its Portland employees in September, but delayed a final decision to allow time for negotiations with the local unions. An agreement could not be reached that would have allowed the plant to stay in Portland, the company said.