Startup to add hundreds of jobs to Portland headquarters

Startup to add hundreds of jobs to Portland headquarters
The Treehouse Portland office, which is currently in CEO Ryan Carson's Northeast Portland home, will soon have a lot more workers. (KATU photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – Calling all techies: are you looking for a job?

The CEO of technology training startup Treehouse says a the company will soon be offering hundreds of jobs to Portlanders, thanks to a $7 million investment.

“We’re new to town and we love it,” said Ryan Carson. “We chose Portland out of the entire United States.”

Treehouse offers online courses in coding and other skills to develop websites.

“The goal is to take people from no knowledge to job ready,” said Carson. “Instead of going to a university for ($200,000) and four years, we’re gonna ideally make you job ready in six months at a cost of $25 a month.”

Carson says Treehouse gives its students the skills to get a $40,000-a-year job in the technology industry, an industry with plenty of jobs available.

“There is thousands and thousands of jobs for designers and developers that will go unfilled because the U.S. can’t produce enough technical graduates,” he said.

The company got its first funding round last year and announced it was moving its headquarters to Portland. Carson said he expects to expand the company’s Portland workforce by about 200 jobs as soon as next year. He currently has ten employees working at his house in Northeast Portland.

“We feel Portland is the next Silicon Valley. There’s a lot of exciting talent moving there. A lot of new startups being launched.”

And if you’re looking for perks?

“At our core, Treehouse is a very creative company that doesn’t so things like other companies,” Carson said. “We work four-day weeks. We don’t have a corporate culture.”