Vandals smash glass door, ATM at NE Wells Fargo branch

Vandals smash glass door, ATM at NE Wells Fargo branch
The shattered base of the door at the entrance to the bank branch.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland Police are looking into an act of vandalism directed at a bank branch in Northeast Portland early Thursday morning.

A glass door was smashed with a rock and an ATM was also damaged, police said. No one was hurt and police said it did not appear anyone went inside the bank. No damage estimate was released.

Police said they learned of the incident "after local media received an email from an anonymous source describing the vandalism," which said the destruction occurred in response to a federal investigation involving three people jailed after the 2012 May Day riots in Seattle, Washington.

The message said the bank was targeted because of "a prison industrial complex that such banks perpetuate." 

The message also said the action was taken in solidarity with three people who were "grand jury resistors" and were in federal custody. No specific activist group was mentioned in the email.

The note concluded by saying "Our queer hatred towards the state, capitalism, racism, gender, hetero-normativity and other systems of oppression fuel our desire for joyous vandalism."

Police have not released any suspect information and said anyone with information can send tips to