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Dear Mommy, is it snack time yet? New email app designed for kids

Dear Mommy, is it snack time yet? New email app designed for kids

PORTLAND, Ore. – You’re never too young to LOL.

That’s what Vin Thomas is banking on, at least.

Thomas is raising funds to start an email app called Cubtab, aimed specifically at children as young as three or four years old.

“Rather than just throw them into the deep waters of the internet, we wanted to find a way to introduce them to email, messaging and the internet in a fun and safe way,” he said.

Thomas started a Kickstarter account to raise capital for the service, which he describes as a simpler version of email.

It won’t have things like spam or ads, and messages will be filtered by the child’s parents.

It will also allow users to include drawings, stickers and audio messages.

Thomas got the idea from watching his two daughters.

“We obviously didn't think about it when we were 6, but my 6-year-old-has grown up with iPhone, iPads, the computer,” he said.

Thomas had raised about $2,200 of his $20,000 goal by Friday morning, with 23 days remaining in his Kickstarter campaign.

“It’s to help us with the additional cost set up, infrastructure , development, design, make sure it's an airtight app,” he said.

If the app gets off the ground, Thomas plans to charge a few dollars a month for it because it will be ad free and won’t keep users’ personal information.