Stumptown Startups Blog

Let’s get started

It’s the American dream, right? Start from scratch; build something great; find success. It’s a story happening over and over again in our backyard and many people don’t realize it.

That’s where I come in. I’m not a software geek or a business guru; I’m a reporter and a storyteller who is exploring Portland’s startup scene and finding it fascinating. I want to spread the word. 

On this new blog I will share the latest happenings, products and companies in the Portland area and get to know the people behind them. I will share advice from those who have found financial success and discover the fears of those with only an idea.

I will be a resource for the growing startup community here and for the KATU News viewer who barely realizes that community exists (yet). Oh – and I want this blog to be a resource for me, too. I may put a callout for a company to feature in a news story or simply ask for your feedback. 

I hope you’ll participate and learn something along the way.

Welcome to Stumptown Startups.