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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here!

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here!
Flickr/Creative Commons Photo: Triple Tri

Food, drinks, and football.  That's all we need on Super Bowl Sunday, right?.  Oh, and it’s the only day of the year we actually want to see commercials, too.

But I’m thinking our day can be made better.  Come on Portland-area startups: what can you offer to make Beyoncé’s half-time show that much better for me?  I want your suggestions!

So far, I have one app on the list of must-haves: Menuish (pizza anyone?!).  The Portland-based incubator, Upstart Labs, helped launch the app this week, and the founder says it allows you to read menus on your iPhone without squinting until you have a headache. 

"Now you can access thousands of restaurants to find the food you want. The results contain menus, photos, ratings, and phone numbers so you can book a reservation immediately," the founder wrote in a blog post.

So, what else? Comment below with your recommendations!