Business Wagner: Report missed ongoing evolution in oil and gas technology
In the last few years, advancements in energy technology, such as directional and horizontal drilling, have unlocked vast quantities of oil and natural gas trapped far below the earth’s surface. Not only is this significant to our economy and way of life, but it dovetails superbly with industry’s ongoing environmental stewardship efforts by reducing impacts associated with disturbance and habitat fragmentation.
Business Ebola starting to take an economic toll in region
Caterpillar has evacuated a handful of employees from Liberia. Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd. has suspended a drilling project. British Airways has canceled flights to the region. ExxonMobil and Chevron are waiting to see whether health officials can contain the danger.
Business Malaysia plans overhaul of troubled national airline Malaysia plans overhaul of troubled national airline
Malaysia's state investment company said Friday it plans to make Malaysia Airlines fully government owned, removing it from the country's stock exchange before carrying out an overhaul of the carrier that is reeling from double disasters.