Woman accosted, iPhone stolen on Failing Street Pedestrian Bridge

Woman accosted, iPhone stolen on Failing Street Pedestrian Bridge »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A woman was attacked and her iPhone was stolen Friday night on the North Failing Street Pedestrian Bridge.

Around 9:30 pm a female victim flagged down a Portland Police officer on the pedestrian bridge which passes 1-5 at North Failing and Maryland Ave., telling the officer her phone had just been stolen.

“I just stood up there and I heard her screaming while she was laying here,” says Kanani King.

King ran to help that woman on the Failing Street pedestrian bridge.

The man grabbed the victim's iPhone but he didn't take off with it right away.

Instead, Kanani says, the attacker jumped onto the woman.

“Yeah, like he was straddled on top of her,” says King, “when I came up the stairs where he's standing at.  I stood there, turned around, and ran back down 'cause I was scared.  But I saw him straddled on top of her trying to attack her, yes. And she was defending herself.”

King yelled for her brother to help. Her brother chased the attacker east across the bridge but the man got away.

Then King got a surprise.

“So her and I started walking,” says King, “So I'm calling 911 on my phone. I couldn't get 911 on my phone.”

All King saw on her phone's screen was a confusing "S-O-S" symbol.

King took the victim across the bridge to Elizabeth Wilson's house.

“And she had obviously been pushed onto her back,” says Wilson, “because her back was rubbed.  Like rug burned.”

Elizabeth had already heard about the nighttime sex assault on another woman earlier in the week.

“I really hate fearing for my safety just because I'm a woman,” Wilson said.

Whether or not the attacks are connected, Kanani King knows the man she saw attacking last night's victim needs to be caught.

“My daughter walks around this neighborhood all the time,” says King, “and having that woman being attacked last night was scary enough for me.”

The female described the suspect as a Hispanic male in his early 20's, 5'6" tall, and was wearing a black baseball hat, black hoody or shirt, blue jeans, carring a messenger-style bag. He was last seen running eastbound across the bridge after the robbery.

The female victim struggled over the phone and received minor inujuries. Portland Police conducted a search of the area, but they did not locate any suspect matching the description of the robber.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery is asked to contact Robbery Detail at (503) 823-0405.