Oregon City schools wrestle with $6M problem

Oregon City schools wrestle with $6M problem »Play Video

OREGON CITY, Ore. - Parents and teachers are speaking out about proposed budget cuts in the Oregon City School District.
A meeting was held Monday night at Park Place Elementary School.
The district has to make up for a $6 million shortage, and closing Park Place is one of the options under consideration to save money.

Park Place has the lowest enrollment in the district, and has lost several kids to charter schools.

Parents, teachers, and administrators in Oregon City continue to debate ways to cut more money from next year's budget.
Options include the closing Park Place Elementary, cutting over 80 jobs, eliminating elementary music and P.E., cutting funding for sports and even going to a four-day school week.

One ray of hope on the horizon is the economic stimulus package under consideration in Washington D.C.

If passed, it could send a few billion dollars to Oregon which would trickle down to schools and perhaps bridge the funding gap.
The district won't make a final decision on what to cut until late March or early April.