Uncertainty looms for students pending teacher layoffs

Uncertainty looms for students pending teacher layoffs »Play Video

CLACKAMAS, Ore. – The threat of teacher layoffs in the North Clackamas School District is having a major impact on local high school seniors as hundreds discovered Tuesday that they might not get the classes they want.

Tuesday was the day hundreds of district students and parents were supposed to get class schedules.

"There's a note on the attendance office saying they're not printing or viewing any schedules at this time,” said Diana Polzel a Clackamas High School parent.

"It said that they were not in fact handing out schedules here at registration and they would be giving them out on the first day of school," said another parent Alice Passannante.

The problem is that no one knows which classes will have teachers after the district announced it had to layoff at least 60 teachers to fill a $3 million budget shortfall, because the teachers union would not agree to wage freezes.

 No one knows which classes they will have or if their favorite electives will even be offered.

"I signed up for cosmetology three years in a row and still haven't gotten it, and still don't know if I'm gonna get it," said Clackamas High School senior Kaya Passannante.

Some parents describe families as pawns in this dispute between the district and union teachers.

"It's very concerning, especially in a district like this,” said Polzel. “We should be able to pull together and come up with a decision that is beneficial to everybody, but especially for the children."

"They should have done it months ago instead of two weeks before school opens," Liz Butler another Clackamas High School parent said.

But for now students and parents are being turned away with no answers until this dispute is resolved.

There is, however, a promising sign because the union said it wants to talk to the district, and an e-mail from a district representative also said the superintendent wants to meet with the union.