Newberg: Parents to be fined for kids missing school

Newberg: Parents to be fined for kids missing school »Play Video

NEWBERG, Ore. – The Newberg School District has voted to punish parents whose kids skip school.

By a vote of 7 to 0, the board approved a revised plan Monday night to call for parents to be cited. The approved it with one caveat, however. Citations can only be issued if all other attempts to contact parents about their child's truancy fails.

If parents don't cooperate, and the student is still chronically absent, the Newberg Police Department can give the parents a $242 ticket.

Even though the opinions varied, Chehalem Valley Middle School Principal Jon Franco told KATU that the idea worked at his last school in Hillsboro, Ore. He also said that attendance correlates with success.

“And with the new requirements in regards to standards and passing state benchmarks and increasing the graduation requirements, if they miss even a day, they’re behind,” Franco said.