'Portlandia' returns for 2nd season

'Portlandia' returns for 2nd season

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland is about to get a little more national attention for being quirky.

The 2nd season of the hit show “Portlandia” begins Jan. 6 on IFC.

The stars of the show, Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen hosted a private preview of season 2 Monday at the Hollywood Theater. Brownstein and Armisen say they are thrilled the show is back for another season.

“It’s a show that in some ways is a love letter to Portland and it’s also kind of sending a post card from Portland to the rest of the world,” said Brownstein.

Brownstein and Armisen find ways to highlight Portland’s unusual quirks, but say it’s always done out of love.

“I like how it’s just very specialized here,” Armisen said.