Hollywood Theatre launches Kickstarter campaign to replace marquee

Hollywood Theatre launches Kickstarter campaign to replace marquee
KATU file photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. - The historic Hollywood Theatre in Northeast Portland needs a new marquee and a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help raise enough money to purchase one and get it installed.

"The idea behind this historic marquee revival is to honor the Hollywood Theatre's past while setting the stage for the future," Doug Whyte, Executive Director of the Hollywood Theatre, said in a news release announcing the campaign.

"The existing marquee is over 30 years old and is out of character with the original design of the theatre," Whyte added. "It is literally crumbling at the edges and causing leaks in the roof. Plus, there is a five-story building being erected next door which dwarfs the theatre and obstructs the view of our marquee and beautiful facade. This new marquee will help us reclaim the theatre's prominence on Sandy Boulevard."

Whyte's goal is to install a new neon, illuminated sign based on the design of the theatre's original marquee from 1926.

Money has already been pouring in for the project - the Meyer Memorial Trust has pledged $25,000, the Kinsman Foundation has pledged $10,000, the Hollywood Boosters have pledged $5,000 and the theatre has received thousands of dollars from individuals and businesses.

The project still needs another $55,000, though, and that's where the Kickstarter campaign, which will run through Dec. 18, comes in.

A lot of work has been done in the past several years to revitalize the decades-old Hollywood Theatre. The facade has been renovated and new seats, screens, sound systems and other features have been installed inside.