Portland man's musical marriage proposal explodes online

Portland man's musical marriage proposal explodes online

PORTLAND(ia), Ore. - Yes, you could say it's something right out of that snarky TV show about a certain city we know and love and the creative folks that live there.

In the video, Isaac Lamb, 31, who says on his Facebook page that he lives in Portland and is a member of the Third Rail Repertory Theatre, pulls off an elaborate production called a "lip dub" involving friends and cooperative relatives that culminates in a successful marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Amy Frankel.

He said the video racked up over 4,000 views in just over two hours. By 3 p.m. Friday, it was headed for 16,000 views. By Monday, it was up to 1.6 million views and the couple were on their way to a national morning show to be interviewed.

Lamb told KATU.com that he began "plotting the video in my head" months ago and he heard the song - "Marry You" by Bruno Mars - while working out. He said both he and Frankel are fans of "lip dub" videos.

The video even got Mars' attention, who posted "Congrats to Isaac Lamb and the future Mrs.. I don't think I could've made a better music video for this song. Thank you" on his Twitter feed.

Lamb said he was helped with the choreography by Gina Johnson Morris (she's in the boots and red dress) and the team had a 3-hour rehearsal last Saturday before shooting the video on Wednesday in Southwest Portland. Even his parents got involved - they hand her the flowers.

Frankel's parents, who live on the East Coast, appear on a laptop video in the production.

Lamb said he and Frankel have not made immediate wedding arrangements yet since she is about to go to nursing school for the next year or so.

It's just one of those things you have to see to believe (tissues are advised):