Women say 'Internet Casanova' stole valuables, money

Women say 'Internet Casanova' stole valuables, money

PORTLAND, Ore. – Police across Oregon are looking for a man who women say they met online and who stole more than just their hearts.

The man's real name is Ray Holycross, although the 29-year-old Indiana native also uses the names "Ray Cross" and "Ray Tompson."

For about five months he lived in a Cedar Mill area home with a woman he met online.

"He moved in with me about a month after we started dating," Jenn Clark told KATU News by phone, saying Holycross ripped her off.

Clark's home is now for sale. She says Holycross talked her into selling her home, her car and everything else of real value because the two were supposed to move to Chicago together. Then Clark says Holycross took her laptop, her iPhone and almost a thousand dollars in cash and left town.

"It's completely destroyed my life," she said. "I used to have a home, and I lost everything because of him."

Clark and five other women told KATU News they met Holycross on the same website.

"He messaged me on Plenty of Fish," a woman named Tasha said.

Another woman, Michelle, said he told her he was from Chicago and new to town.

A woman named Stephanie said Holycross moved way too fast, asking her out for drinks almost immediately.

"Then he messaged me and said, 'Oh, we should move in together.' And I said, 'Hey, I don't know you.'"

They all said he had stories for why he needed money or a place to sleep.

"He messages me and says, 'I don't know what to do. My hotel room got robbed, and I have nowhere to go," Tasha said.

Like Clark, Michelle woke up one morning and found Holycross gone along with her ATM card.

"He scammed all of us. He's a professional at this," Michelle said.

Women from Texas, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and Oregon have all filed complaints about Holycross and his alleged dating scam.

Holycross did not respond to KATU's numerous text messages and emails asking for his side of the story.