Businesses, charities fear Sharing Spree reneged on promises

Businesses, charities fear Sharing Spree reneged on promises »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. – Three local businesses have filed lawsuits against a company that promised deals for customers and donations for charities.

The Skamania Lodge, Portland Aquarium and Cinetopia are all suing Sharing Spree ( for tens of thousands of dollars.

Sharing Spree boasted donating nearly $400,000 to charity while giving customers good deals similar to what you can find through Groupon.

Dozens of companies across the country say they have yet to be paid for deals they had through Sharing Spree, and many charities have also said the would-be benefactor has not delivered on the donations it promised.

Andy Hillis owns a spa that did business with Sharing Spree.

"(Money owed) has been overdue by 4 months, and every time I talk to the owner, Ronald Sapp, he keeps telling me he sent a check, the check is coming and that's never happened," Hills said.

The story is echoed by many customers who used the now-defunct website.

"No response to my emails, the phone was disconnected, so I was scammed," said Allison Steyskal, who paid for beauty products through Sharing Spree.

KATU Investigator Dan Tilkin has been on Sharing Spree's trail for months. He found company owner Ron Sapp in West Linn.

When Dan tried to talk to Sapp about his company, Sapp appeared startled and drove away. (Watch below)

Court records show a history of lawsuits against Ron Sapp – including one from his own attorney -- that started before his problems with Sharing Spree.
Sapp also owes $50,000 in alimony to his wife, and $30,000 in child support.

Sapp was also involved in a $250 million project for the riverfront of Nashville, Tenn.

The project went bankrupt.

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