City crews clean up graffiti at Mount Tabor

City crews clean up graffiti at Mount Tabor
A water bureau employee cleaning up graffiti at Mount Tabor on Wednesday.

PORTLAND, Ore. – City crews on Wednesday brought out their power washers and started cleaning up graffiti at Mount Tabor reservoir.

Earlier this month somebody painted words associated with witchcraft on the side of the reservoir, which is currently empty but is still a popular recreation destination. Neighbor’s complained the graffiti wasn’t cleaned up in a timely fashion.

The Portland Water Bureau is responsible for maintaining the area. The bureau’s director, David Schaff, said he saw the graffiti himself on Sept. 6 after it had been up for a while.

Bureau spokesman Tim Hall said there was a work order for the project but it was not moved to the top of the list as is typical in cases of high-profile graffiti.

“We get calls about graffiti on our structures fairly regularly and they come in via many different channels. So one thing this has exposed is that a centralized portal for these types of complaints is needed,” said Ty Kovatch, the maintenance and construction director for the bureau.

There are security cameras at Reservoir 6, although a water bureau spokesman said the cameras are currently not turned on since the reservoir is not in operation.

KATU's Lincoln Graves and Bob Heye contributed to this report