City says graffiti at Portland reservoir will get cleaned up

City says graffiti at Portland reservoir will get cleaned up

PORTLAND, Ore. – One of Portland's iconic reservoirs has been turned into an eyesore by vandals.

The graffiti on Mount Tabor's now-decommissioned No. 6 reservoir was supposed to be cleaned up a week ago, but it was still visible Tuesday night. City crews are scheduled to clean it up Wednesday morning.

Someone marred the Southeast Portland landmark earlier this month, spray painting it with words often tied to witchcraft.

The water bureau is responsible for maintaining Portland's reservoirs. David Schaff, the water bureau's director, saw the graffiti Sept. 6. By then it had been up for several days.

"It should have been, then, taken care of," he said.

But it wasn't.

Schaff said his staff was aware of the problem when he saw it himself a week and a half ago. He only learned on Tuesday that it was never cleaned up.

"And I'm not exactly sure why that didn't get passed along to the right people to get fixed," he said.

One neighbor believes the empty, decommissioned reservoir is essentially an eyesore that invites vandalism.

"It felt as if we’d just been abandoned up here," said Shannon Loch. "The reservoir's empty and it feels really sad. It feels like the heart of this park has been drained away by the city."

The most immediate problem is getting rid of the graffiti, because it is the kind of damage that usually attracts other vandalism.
The water bureau said crews will arrive at the reservoir to clean up the vandalism at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

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