Clouds of doubt envelop business's claims to help charities

Clouds of doubt envelop business's claims to help charities

PORTLAND, Ore. – An Oregon company is promising great deals while helping charity, but some people doing business with it say they're owed thousands of dollars.

They’re frustrated with The company had their clients so excited with its great sales pitch and great discounts – like you can get on other sites like Groupon – while also doing a good deed.

But some clients say they’ve been left holding the bag.

Korysa Nation earns her living as an esthetician at Skin Tight Spa in the Pearl District.

Dozens of customers have redeemed the spa's discount deals through

The website boasts to customers it's donated nearly $400,000 to local charities.

"They are thinking they're doing a good thing by buying from Sharing Spree and Sharing Spree is donating to a nonprofit agency; plus, they're getting a good deal, but Sharing Spree has stopped paying their vendors, which would be us," Nation said.

The spa says it's been waiting four months for about $3,500 and keeps getting the runaround.

Other business owners shared similar stories with KATU News.

The company is registered in Florida where it has an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. But public records say the owner is renting a more than 9,000 square foot house in Wilsonville with six bedrooms, six baths and surrounded by mansions.

At the front door, the owner's nanny told a reporter he wasn't home.

But by phone owner Ron Sapp said, "We're aware of the situation, and we are working on it. I can't comment on that right now."

It leaves Nation wondering if she'll get her promised commission.

"If they don't pay, I don't get paid," she said.

One of the charities Sharing Spree says it donates money to, is the Beaverton Education Foundation.

The director says they have received all the money promised to them, including a payment of about $10,000 in September.

KATU News has calls in to some of the other charities to see if they have been paid.

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