UO police investigate 'confessions' Facebook page

UO police investigate 'confessions' Facebook page

EUGENE, Ore. -- Anonymous posts about sexual assaults and other crimes have shown up on a Facebook page that's popular with University of Oregon students. It’s called "University of Oregon Confessions".

Police have been taking a close look at it.

The page, which now has nearly 15,000 likes, is not affiliated with the school.

Through a link, people can post anonymous thoughts and experiences.

Recently, stories of theft, assault and rape have appeared. While troubling, police say there's little they can do to confirm the claims except continue to monitor the forum.

“If you have vague and especially anonymous postings that happen online or in any kind of social media, it’s very difficult to investigate or follow through,” said Kelly McIver, a spokesman for University of Oregon Police. “Typically you need to have some kind of willing complainant.”

But Carol Stabile, of the University of Oregon Coalition to End Sexual Violence, said, "Telling their story can be healing and helpful. It can give people a sense of control over what's happened to them and over their stories. There's a sense in some cases that sharing information can prevent other people from being sexually assaulted.”

In June, four allegations of sexual assault were posted, but page administrators quickly deleted them. KATU tried messaging the site administrators to see what they had to say, but so far has not received a response.

Police say anyone who becomes the victim of a crime should contact them immediately.