'For these young teenagers to walk away from this ... is a blessing'

'For these young teenagers to walk away from this ... is a blessing' »Play Video

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. - A teenager is in the hospital facing a drunken driving charge after a high-speed, single-vehicle crash on a steep hill near Molalla. A total of six teens were involved.

A sign before the hill gave them plenty of warning but deputies say everyone inside the vehicle admitted they'd been drinking. They say a beer can and a cooler flew from the truck during the crash.

Investigators say the driver, 18-year-old Karnily Bodunov, was speeding, going around 70 mph when he took air off the hill on South Palmer Road on Saturday afternoon.

They say after he landed, he came barreling down the hill out of control. One of the truck’s rims left a white mark in the pavement before investigators say the vehicle flew 60 feet, landing upside down and skidding into a field.

Deputy Josh Hattan of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said the landing crushed the front part of the truck’s cab.

Hattan said there were five teenage passengers in the vehicle. He said they were roughed up but expected to be OK.

"For those young teenagers to walk away from this with relatively minor injuries and no fatalities is a blessing," Hattan said.

Bodunov was taken by Life Flight helicopter to Legacy Hospital.

Hattan said Bodunov admitted to speeding.

“The driver was very forthcoming and concerned," Hattan said.

Tricia Bilger, who lives just down the road, said it was wet at the time. She said drivers speed on it often, trying to catch air and that if you're going uphill, you can't see them coming.

“There's no markings on the road either to tell you to stay on your side of the road," Bilger said.

Hattan agreed that it needs to be adjusted.

“Hopefully, it can be looked at and re-engineered so it's a little more safe," he said.

Bodunov has been charged with DUII, reckless driving and assault.

On Sunday night, he was listed in fair condition at the hospital. His father says he's expected to be all right.