Fritz, group battle over Right 2 Dream Too homeless camp move

Fritz, group battle over Right 2 Dream Too homeless camp move »Play Video
Homeless campers have pitched tents on a lot at West Burnside and Fourth Avenue.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A group fighting plans to move a homeless camp into the Pearl District says it's come up with better alternatives.

But Amanda Fritz, the city commissioner behind that plan, says there's no specific deal and that group hasn't even met face to face with city leaders.

They say they've been working with the mayor's office to come up with ideas. One proposal didn't work out and Fritz says she hasn't even seen a written proposal.

The group representing Pearl District residents and businesses says it's found three or four buildings for Right 2 Dream Too to move into.

"The buildings and the site would be a legally viable use for such an interim camp – indoors – and that we could do this without violating any zoning code regulations," said John Mangan, spokesman for the Pearl group.

But Fritz says that's far from any deal to move the homeless shelter away from the proposed site under the Broadway Bridge in the Pearl.

"It was very surprising to read the press release that 'yes, we've got a deal!' when we have no site, we have no deal, we have nothing in writing," Fritz told KATU News Thursday. "Right 2 Dream Too and the city have offered to meet with them and to try to figure something out, and that offer has not been accepted."

The Pearl group believes any indoor site beats the one under the Broadway Bridge.

"We certainly don't want to see this group exposed to the elements if it's possible to find a better shelter indoors and a better place for them," said Mangan.

The Pearl group plans to come up with a final proposed indoor site as soon as possible, certainly before the December deadline set by the mayor's office.