Gresham woman says police were uninterested in her report of a flasher

Gresham woman says police were uninterested in her report of a flasher »Play Video
Brenna White says a Gresham police officer wouldn't help her file a crime report.

GRESHAM, Ore. -- It's not easy for Brenna White to talk about what the driver next to her was doing as they drove Division Street around 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve.

“One hand doing something completely unrelated to driving,” White said. "And he was trying to maintain eye contact with me the entire time while he was exposed and masturbating next to me and following me along as I drove.”

White said that man followed her for about 40 blocks on Division Street. She eventually hit the brakes hard, pulled in behind him, got his license plate number, then pulled alongside. She believes she scared him off when she showed him she was calling on her cellphone.

White called Gresham police to file a report. No one called back. She called again, and learned an officer had cleared the call. She demanded to talk to the officer.

“One of the first few sentences that he said was 'I don't even know why you want to talk to me,'” said White. "And I was trying to be very clear, 'I want to talk to you because a crime was committed and I want to file a report.'”

White says she knows why it’s important to file a report for this kind of crime.

“They have the potential to escalate,” she said. ”So if this guy does this and gets away with it, who knows what he's gonna do next?”

White says a call the next day to a sergeant didn't get any action either. She says the lack of interest from Gresham police at first, is in stark contrast to the all-out search for a flasher on the metro area's west side.

“There are a lot of people wanting to know about it and when I call to report something in Gresham, you know, nothing's done,” said White.

Gresham police released a statement saying, "We are looking into why officers did not respond to the woman's complaint."

Brenna White says a very helpful Gresham officer took a report Thursday, but until then she felt alone.

“I was really disappointed and I felt abandoned," she said.